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Buying a house is one of the most important milestones in life. This is why it pays to have the right people behind every key decision and action in the home buying process.

The Redstone Group is the best real estate companies you can turn to if you want to buy a house in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Here are five reasons why:

The Redstone Group is a group of true local experts

Finding a house to buy is easy, but it’s not the same as finding the right house for your specific needs and lifestyle. Work with The Redstone Group and you will have the most knowledgeable local resources that can point you in the right direction – from choosing the right type of house to finding the neighborhood that offers the ideal combination of comfort and convenience.

And that’s just the beginning. The Redstone Group’s expertise will come in handy as you enter the negotiation phase with the seller. Armed with the latest market data and a clear understanding of your home buying goals, your Select Team agent will expertly represent your best interests at the negotiation table so you can get the best deal for the best home on your shortlist.

The Redstone Group has the experience

Expertise is just part of the equation. What makes The Redstone Group’s body of knowledge truly valuable is having applied it in real-world transactions. Led by Ian McVeigh – a real estate industry veteran with 14 years of experience under his belt – The Redstone Group offers professional services that have been mastered and refined through multiple combined years of experience.

The Redstone Group has the connections

The Redstone Group proudly calls itself a team for good reason. These real estate professionals maximize the advantages of operating as a cohesive and multi- faceted unit for the benefit of their clients.

As a recognized and esteemed real estate brokerage in the D.C. Metro area, The Redstone Group also boasts of an extensive local professional network that you can tap. From finding the best lender, home inspector, and property appraiser, to getting the hottest leads to exclusive, off-market listings, this team will connect you with the right people to address your particular needs.

The Redstone Group has the tenacity and dedication to solve every problem along the way

No problem is too big for The Redstone Group. At this brokerage, outstanding work ethic is a prerequisite for every agent.

Working with The Redstone Group will show you that solutions abound and opportunities can be found in any issue. All it takes is a little savvy, creativity, and the dedication to achieve your set goals.

The Redstone Group operates as consultants, not salespeople

Throughout your home buying process, one thing is for sure: the final decisions are always yours to make. Redstone Group Agents are always ready to assist you with relevant information, local market insights, and any resources that you need, but your best interests will always come first.

For more tips on buying a house in Arlington, VA  and  other  coveted communities nearby, contact Ian McVeigh and The Redstone Group. Call 703.965.2304 or email Ian(at)IansSelectTeam(dotted)com to learn more.