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Arlington, VA Real Estate

Some places, you’ll love to visit; others, you’ll want to stay for good. Arlington County, found in the Commonwealth of Virginia, is one of those great places for settling in and making memories.

This locale on the west bank of the Potomac River has something to offer all age and income brackets. For millennials, the promise of high-tech job opportunities, hip nightclubs, and loft-style residences is the top draw. Meanwhile, for adults and the elderly, Arlington has an ample selection of retirement communities and the benefit of fixed property taxes.

Here’s what else to expect from living in Arlington

Diverse demographics

Arlington is a microcosm of its surrounding areas. With a population of about 230,000, this county is large enough to offer a sophisticated and cosmopolitan environment without being too large and congested.

Schools under the Arlington Public Schools District are considered tops in the whole of Virginia. According to, state test scores reveal that the proficiency of students here is highest in math and reading at 86% for both subjects. Similarly, the adult population is well-educated, with 39% having a master’s degree or higher.

Adults in Arlington comprise the two most populous age categories at 25 to 34- years-old (26%) and 35 to 44-years-old (17%). People aged 65 years and older account for about 10% of the population. So, while younger adults are prevalent, older adults are a significant component of the demographics.

Varied employment opportunities

Employment opportunities in Arlington are very good, as proven by the county’s median income of about $112,000 per year. Many employment opportunities are related to the military and defense industries. Other opportunities include the robust technology industry. There are also government positions, as well as the usual private employers, including restaurants and realtors.

A great renter’s market

The cost of living in Arlington can be a bit higher than in surrounding areas, but it’s an increase that is truly worth it given the wealth of opportunity the city offers.

The same is true with buying property in Arlington. Small condominiums with one-bedroom and one-bathroom units measuring about 500 square feet can go for as high as $150,000. Moving up from that to a larger unit might cost about $350,000. Home prices follow suit, with a two-story, 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom colonial home listing for about $750,000. You’ll also need to budget for larger property tax payments.

The solution to real estate that’s way above your budget? Renting! Rental marketing in Arlington is vibrant and varied. You can find just about any size of home or apartment you need in the market. You’ll also find options in a variety of locations, ensuring that you can find the best place to rent regardless of your commute.

Arlington has a lot to love, including excellent public transportation and a great mix of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. There are many more reasons to stay than to leave, in other words, and you’re sure to enjoy your time here.

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