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Condos for Sale in Washington, DC

For a truly holistic living experience, there’s no other place for that than in Washington, D.C. From the highest government offices in the country to vibrant professional and academic communities, the city is truly one that must be experienced.

The D.C. area is rife with history, culture, and heritage. It has an exhaustive display of Masonic symbols, including the Washington Monument, as well as some of the most memorable buildings in the world like the Lincoln Memorial. You might even be able to rub shoulders with some of the highest-ranking officials in the country.

Washington, D.C. might not be a perfect city, but there’s plenty to love about it – enough for you to want to consider it home.

Reasonable cost of living

Home values in Washington, D.C. favor sellers, as seen in online listings. Prices in 2015 for one-bedroom homes averaged about $500,000. For 2-bedroom or 3- bedroom homes, it rose to $600,000. Homes with four bedrooms were also selling at around $800,000.

Renting can be equally daunting at about $1,650 monthly for a studio apartment, almost $2,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment, and $2,800 for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Real estate prices may soar sky-high in Washington D.C. but there are other offsetting costs that loosen the financial strain. Utilities, for example, are priced at about $120 per month (for a 900-square foot apartment) for electricity, gas, water, and garbage. One must note that this is well below the national average.
Property taxes are also low, with an effective property tax rate of 0.57%. Sales tax is fairly modest, too, at 5.75%.

Engaging neighborhoods

Neighborhoods in Washington D.C. have a great range of features, including a huge variety of house types, nightlife, and culture. Adams Morgan (Northwest

Washington, D.C.), in particular, is known for a very vibrant and diverse nightlife. It also has a robust selection of restaurants and shops. The neighborhood’s roster of homes includes row houses and co-ops.

In contrast, Foggy Bottom, bordering the downtown area, is one of the older neighborhoods in the city. It has many federal offices, financial offices, and a distinguished academic institution like the George Washington University. The controversial Watergate complex is also found here.

Varied entertainment

Washington, D.C. has a number of excellent museums, most of which are free. Brunch, meanwhile, is considered an important meal of the day here. Many area restaurants specialize in offering brunch, and it is so popular that reservations may be needed.

Should you wish to give your eyes a feast instead of your belly, you can admire nature’s display of cherry blossoms lining the streets here each year.

If you need to get away once in a while, there are numerous places close by for a change of scene. You can always make short trips to Baltimore, Annapolis, or Richmond. There are also pockets of nature in the area where you can take a good-natured stroll.

While Washington, D.C. may not be for everyone, it’s a very livable city with unique and attractive advantages. Take a look at everything the city has to offer and determine if it’s worth the move.

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