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Living in Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Explore the finest living opportunities in the nation’s capital. Let The Redstone Group be your guide to the best real estate opportunities in Washington, DC.

As the capital of the United States, Washington, DC is a remarkable place to call home. Its population of more than 700,000 comprises affluent and highly educated individuals and families. Apart from jobs in federal government agencies, economic opportunities here are diverse, including strong tourism and knowledge economy (education and research) industries. The city boasts of a thriving private sector, as well.

Washington, DC brims with cultural and historic icons that enrich your living experience. There is always something to remind you of the nation’s leaders throughout history, as well as milestones that shaped the country.

Homes for sale in Washington, DC

The Washington, DC real estate market offers an eclectic mix to suit various living experiences and preferences. What’s common across the wide range of options here is the high standard of quality and value you can expect from properties available for sale.

The Craftsman aesthetic is a predominant design in DC’s residential neighborhoods; Cape Cods and Ramblers (ranch-style) are also common.

Historic neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Anacostia, and Tenleytown showcase distinct architectural styles dating back to the city’s earliest days. There are stately colonial manors on sprawling plots of land, as well as smaller bungalows that serve as a nod to the area’s rural village roots.

In addition to single-family homes in beautiful, tree-lined neighborhood streets, there are plenty of row homes and low- to mid-rise condominium buildings across the city.

These provide ideal living spaces for residents who want to stay close to commercial and economic centers.

Just don’t expect any penthouse lofts in towering skyscrapers in Washington, DC; the city has maintained a height limit (no taller than 130 feet) for buildings since 1910. The regulation has worked to the benefit of DC residents – the low-rise structures allow for airy and sunny spaces that create pleasant living environments wherever you may be in the city.

If you want to search for your dream home by neighborhood, start with these top choices:

Capitol Hill

Head here if you want the ultimate “US Capital” living experience. Row houses built as far back as the 19th and early 20th centuries are the primary choices if you want to live close to iconic buildings like the Capitol Building, the US House and Senate, and the Supreme Court.

Dupont Circle

Set in a prime location in the city, this stylish, contemporary metropolitan hub is one of the most coveted and most competitive places to buy a home in Washington, DC.

Foggy Bottom

This is where new construction, including luxury condos, meets some of Washington, DC’s best outdoor spaces. Homes here have the bonus perk of iconic riverside views along the Potomac.


Home to one of the nation’s top universities, this enclave combines a vibrant college town vibe with the timeless charm of 18th and 19th-century architecture.

Living in Washington, DC

  • The cost of living in Washington, DC is 73 percent higher than the US average. Residents have a median household income of $69,235 per year, which is also higher than the national average ($53,482).
  • Washington, DC is home to notable collegiate-level institutions like Georgetown University, George Washington University, and Howard University. The District of Columbia Public Schools system serves more than 47,000 enrolled students from the Pre-K to 12 levels.
  • Washington, DC boasts of an eclectic dining scene that will surely satisfy any palate, and brunch is a fixture in every resident’s schedule. There are all sorts of places to find the perfect brunch in Washington, DC, with options varying from what is offered on the menu, to the unique experiences that come with your hearty meal.
  • In DC, each day is an opportunity to learn. From visiting the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial to exploring the Smithsonian Institution’s sprawling museum complex, there are several ways to discover and connect with America’s rich history and culture. The bonus – many of these can be visited free of charge!
  • The virtually endless list of fun things to do in Washington, DC includes hopping on a Segway for a casual tour around town, catching a Broadway show at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, discovering vibrant nightlife hot spots around the city, and enjoying a variety of live major league sporting events.

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