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The 5 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Washington, DC

In 2017, Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC publicly announced that the city is in a bid to attract Amazon’s second headquarters into the city. DC might have failed to get Amazon to come to the city, but the metro area has witnessed a steady influx of technological talents since then.

Today, Washington DC is fast becoming a hotbed of technological startups. It is currently home to about 150 technology companies. The TechCities 1.0 report by Cushman and Wakefield named Washington DC the third best tech city after Silicon Valley and San Francisco. In the same report, it was mentioned that tech companies headquartered in DC raked in an enthusiastic $600 million worth of capital venture funding since 2016.

When Amazon announced that its second headquarters will be located in Northern Virginia, bordering DC, it has committed to bring about 25,000 tech jobs in the region. Aside from Amazon, New York-based tech company Yext is also set to bring at least 500 jobs along with a new office in DC. And then, there are also job opportunities with Apple, Google, Twitter, and Facebook’s DC offices.

With all these avenues for professional growth in the tech industry available, it’s easy to see why more and more young professionals are flocking to Washington, DC. But what are the most highly sought-after jobs in the city’s tech field right now?

  1. Information Technology Specialist

    Information tech jobs are always in demand, especially with in DC, with the local economy growing more dependent on the tech industry. IT Specialists help companies operate by ensuring that day-to-day computer network systems keep a smooth flow of communication and information exchange.

    This post is also a great starting point if you want to become an analyst or network administrator.

    Average Salary for an IT Specialist in DC: $71k
    Required Trainings and Certifications: CompTIA™ Certification Training: A+, Network+, Security+, Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

  2. Cyber Security Analyst

    Also called Information Security Analyst, Cyber Security Analysts enjoy a level of prestige in the metro DC area’s tech industry. In this job, you will be tasked to properly carry out security measures to protect the company’s computer networks and systems, and monitor all potential threats or any security breaches. These roles may vary widely from creating and designing computer systems to penetration testing, which is all about putting up defense measures against hackers.

    Average Salary for a Cyber Security Analyst in DC: $95k
    Required Trainings and Certifications: CCNA: Security, CompTIA™ Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

  3. Software Engineer

    Software Engineers have some of the best and most exciting professional tech careers in the industry. They are tasked to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software programs. You can specialize on a variety of things, from programming computer languages and building software products, to designing computer games and coordinating software installations.

    If you want a similar job, you can become a computer programmer or software developer.

    Average Software Engineer Salary in DC: $101k
    Required Trainings and Certifications: Full Stack Software Developer

  4. Data Scientist

    Data Science professionals are part mathematicians and part computer scientists. Most of all, D.C.’s government and technological institutions have a particularly strong and relatively higher demand for data science experts.

    If you venture into data science, you will be responsible for fetching a massive amount of information from various sources, analyzing it, and using that data to create AI tools that will automate specific processes in the company.

    Average Salary of a Data Scientist in DC: $118k
    Required Trainings and Certifications: Certified SAS Base Programmer Certification Training, OMCA Web Analytics Associate

  5. Cloud Architect/Engineer

    Relatively new to the tech scene, cloud engineering is one of the top-tech jobs in DC. It pays comparatively higher than the rest of the jobs in this list, as it requires sophisticated technological knowledge.

    If you enjoy IT works, then cloud engineering might prove to be an ideal job. You work will revolve around cloud computing, from designing to control entire systems. You can also choose to specialize in a variety of settings that might include security, architecture, design, maintenance, networking, coding, or all of the above.

    Average Salary of a Cloud Engineer in DC: $130k
    Required Trainings and Certifications: CompTIA™ Cloud+ Certification Training, EXIN Cloud Computing

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