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Winter sale: Smart ways to boost a home’s appeal

Many real estate experts note that it is more challenging to sell a house during the winter season. Everybody is busy preparing for several holidays during this time of year. Plus, there’s the factor of the colder, dull weather affecting one’s desire to actively go house-hunting.

Challenging, it may be, but not impossible.

For a successful home sale during the winter season, check out these expert tips to help sellers compete with other Washington, DC real estate listings.

Prepare the property for the season

Winter in DC means that everything outside is usually covered in thick blankets of snow. Consider this as a major factor when you prepare to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Accessibility to your home will be of utmost importance, just as much as first impressions. Shovel the driveway and make a clear path to your front door. That way, potential buyers won’t be forced to trudge through snow and sludge.Salt or sand sprinkled over the driveway and steps will help in making these areas with high human traffic less slippery. A rubber mat by the front door and a rack or shelf to place wet shoes on are nice touches, as well.

Make the necessary repairs

The sheer cold, the snow’s weight, and other winter-driven factors could ruin some parts of your home. So before putting the home up for sale, necessary fixes must be made. Check the inside and outside of the property for anything that needs fixing. Unsightly features like a dirty gutter, a faulty boiler, rusty faucets, or an uneven driveway must be changed or repaired.

Think about lighting

A well-lit property always makes a better sale so bring as much natural light as you can into the home. Simple but effective ways to do that is by drawing the curtains open and cleaning all the windows.Light the fireplace to add an extra light source from within the home.

If the home isn’t getting as much natural light in, then invest in light fixtures to brighten the property up. Change existing lightbulbs to brighter ones for a clearer view of the interiors. Owners can also shine a light on dark spots by putting spotlights on the floor or behind furniture.

Installing outdoor lighting can also give the home a nice warm glow. It will help buyers see your property better during the afternoons and evenings.

Stage the home to sell

Better lighting can give a home a warm, inviting vibe, but there are still other ways to do this. Try rearranging the furniture to better showcase the home’s features. Add some luxurious touches like plush robes in the bathroom.

Add a feel of spring by putting flowers around the house and displaying artwork with a summer vibe. Even in the dreary weather, these will generate that bright and light ambiance. Another nice touch is by putting on nice and relaxing music or some holiday songs that go with the festive season.

Turn up the heat and keep it cozy

Don’t be stingy with the heat when putting your property up for sale this winter. Turn your home into a warm and cozy escape from the cold winter weather by setting your home’s thermostat to around 68 to 72 degrees. Buyers are more likely to linger and view the rest of the home if it’s warm and toasty. Remember to heat every part of the house, even unused rooms.

Running the heat during home showings is a great way to show buyers that the heating system is in working order. This makes the property extra appealing, especially in the cold season.

Highlight the home’s winter amenities

Maximize the home’s wintertime appeal and highlight amenities like a fireplace, bathroom floor warmers, and the like. Showcase how the property can be the best place to hide from the cold and to have fun during the winter season. Turn a spare bedroom into a family entertainment room or a mini-home movie theater where homeowners can huddle and enjoy the indoors.

Don’t overdo the seasonal decor

Going all out on holiday decorations during the winter home sale may not be a good idea. Having too many decorations on a property can make it look cluttered and even a little tacky.

For sellers who want to decorate for the holidays, remember to avoid religious themes. Make the property appeal to all types of buyers. That means décor like nativity scenes and menorahs should be kept in storage. Instead, go for simple décorslike fairy lights and garlands. These can add a touch of the holiday spirit without being overwhelming.

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